nuun Hydration and Hot Sauce on the Pacific Crest Trail!

Hey everyone! I’m still working on finishing my John Muir Trail documentation, but I’ve completed 77 miles in 4 days on the Pacific Crest Trail! I’m resting in Julian at Carmen’s Place to heal some blisters and get some new shoes. The hospitality here is wonderful!

In the midst of my stay, I’ve filmed a spicy review of nuun’s electrolyte tablets! I even mixed some Mexican hot sauce in and drank it. Gave the beverage a good kick! Check it out here:
Take a hike and spice up your life!

– Doug  (OneBoot)

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Doug Busack Written by:


    • Doug Busack
      May 18, 2017

      It was fruity, but mainly just reminds me of a soda. It’s sweetened with Stevia. You get an initial cherry hit, and then it’s mostly like citrus soda.

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